The powerful combination of many years of law enforcement experience, advanced reconstruction training, and engineering education makes us a valuable and reliable resource for all of your accident reconstruction needs. Our expert team specializes in the investigation and reconstruction of traffic accidents, focusing on these key areas: site inspections, vehicle inspections, data retrieval and analysis. Based on the urgency and specific needs of your situation, we determine what equipment, techniques, examinations and validation tests to use during the collision reconstruction process. These tools are constantly updated in order to provide the highest quality service you need, all in one place.


Rapid Response

We provide immediate 24-hour response anywhere you need expert documentation to preserve the vital and often short-lived evidence that could be crucial to your case.

  • On-Site Presence
  • Crash Scene and Evidence Documentation
  • Photography
  • Data Retrieval
Crash Reconstruction

We take every piece of evidence available and reconstruct the events of a crash to determine
the truth. Our reconstruction experts are thoroughly trained and apply industry accepted methods and techniques to obtain the facts.

  • Experienced Crash Investigators
  • Crash Reconstruction Experts
  • 3D Photogrammetry and Modeling
  • Qualified to Collect and Interpret Data from Today’s Advanced Vehicle Systems
  • Traffic Homicide Investigation Management and Experience
  • ACTAR Certified

No case is immaterial. Limited information? Limited access to vehicles or other vital evidence? Let us review your case to determine the strengths and weaknesses.

  • Over 100 Years of Combined Law Enforcement Experience
  • Experienced Traffic Homicide Investigators
  • Tested and Proven in the Courtroom
Expert Testimony

The best evidence in the world has no value if it cannot be interpreted and explained in the courtroom. We provide expert testimony in all areas of crash investigation and crash reconstruction.

  • Unsurpassed Qualifications and Training
  • Over 40 Depositions and Courtroom Testimonies
  • Accepted as Expert Witnesses in Civil and Criminal Trials
  • Recognized as Experts in United States Federal Courts, as well as Jurisdictional Courts in Georgia and Tennessee


  • Rapid Response
  • Site Processing
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Crash Reconstruction
  • Data Retrieval
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Expert Testimony

Commercial Motor Vehicles

Passenger Vehicles




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Qualified Experts

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Engineering Education

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